Monday, September 26, 2011

Cocoa Beach Florida is going wild

Down on Florida's southern tip Cocoa Beach has been having problems.  The beach is the areas busiest tourist beach and it's fighting a battle of weather is should allow the tourists (and locals) drink on the beach or not. 

On sunny weekends, what looks like a traveling carnival tends to appear on the water's edge as out-of-towners, typically younger than 30, set up tents, "beer pong" tables and other game items on the  2 block stretch along the Minuteman Causeway.

(go easy kids - a beach party at Cocoa Beach)

On most of those weekends the cops are called out 4-5 times to break up fights, arrest the drunks and to keep the over all peace.

So now city officials have to balance out keeping the peace down on the beach while still allowing tourists in town for that all-mighty dollar.   One idea is to allow beachfront hotels to serve food and alcohol to patrons on the sand bordering their property.  This way, the hotels would assume responsibility for management and maintenance.

Nothing like a little beach drama!

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