Monday, September 19, 2011

Breezes is having a sale

Check out this sweet deal that I found on the Superclubs website.  A friend of mine at my office was asking about "these resorts" that I always talk about.  Well, come to find out he wants to travel around his anniversary which is in December.

That's a perfect time to go!  We did some checking and he can book 7 nights in Negril's Breezes and it would be around $1,414 for the 7 nights, for 2 people.  ($101 x's 2= $202 x's 7=$1,414).  Add in airfare from Los Angeles to MoBay and back and that's another $1,400.  Boom...for under 3k he's chilling on a beach for a week with all food and drink he can bare to handle.

Check them out further at:

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