Friday, August 5, 2011

Tourisits might be suprised to see over 100 goats in Downtown LA

Here's a few things you might think of when you think of Downtown Los Angeles:  The Lakers, wonderful restaurants, a famous skid row, great hotels and goats.   Goats!?!?   That's right!   Since 2008 a heard of 100 goats has been released in Downtown Los Angeles to help tame vegetation on steep & weedy Angels Knoll hillside at 4th and Hill, Google Map.

The heard of goats are touted by the Community Redevelopment Agency as a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to loosing a crew with gasoline-powered weed whackers on the site.  But don't wait long, these guys get the job done within days and move back to wherever goats in California hang out at.

Click to see the goats in action:   Goats in DTLA.

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