Friday, August 12, 2011

Guess the year of the oldest house in Key West....

...1829!   The house located at 322 Duval Street in Key West, Florida was built over 182 years ago by ship builder Richard W. Cussans.  In all of those years the sturdy house has survived pirates, warfare, hurricanes, fire, economic hardship and prosperity.

Mr. Cussans even built the house with his ship building tactics in mind - parts of the house were built with now extinct Dade County Pine, a ship's hatch cut into the master bedroom roof to raise for ventilation and a raised foundation using coral from the sea.

These days the house is a museum for tourists interested in a little Key West History.   The cost is FREE to take a spin thru the house and out back is a nice shady garden where you can buy water for $1.  They even play host to weddings so if getting married in Key West is in your future check them out at:

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