Monday, August 1, 2011

Emancipation Day in Jamaica

The following are some good tips about general travel to Jamaica on these special dates including a few special insider tips to Hedonism II on this week.  The following info was from "HedoDiveMaster" over at DennyP's message boards....

Emancipation is August 1 (a Monday) and Independence from UK is on August 6 (a Saturday), 2011.  This means that folks, primary from Kingston, will arrive on July 30th and leave on August 7th, 2011.

Negril becomes a very different place:  Cars clogging the roads; bars, eateries and night clubs overflowing. The typical drive from Hedo to the Cliffs is about 10 minutes but during this time the travel time will be more than 30 minutes.

Hedo will be filled with Jamaicans who will 'visit' the nude beach but not get nude -- just look (read gawk with security doing nothing). The eatery and bar staff will be stressed by the demands of these revelers. Read: Hedo will be a very different place. Hedo will be filled to the max. Once this time is over, the staff almost collapses.

On the plus side, there will be a lot of parties on the various beach locations and most will have an entrance fee.

You will see signs about this or that ATI parties posted on the road.

Some Hedo visitors like this period and some will find the experience is awful as it not the Hedo they expected experience (nude zone not nude enough with gawkers and folks sitting on the nude beach loungers fully dressed for example).

Though some would like to know,

Chuck aka "HedoDiveMaster"

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