Friday, July 8, 2011

Sean and Mary head to Hedonism II

Travel Destination:  Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica
Travel Dates:  June 15 to 22, 2011

This is my official unofficial trip report for our June 15 to June 22 trip to Hedo II.  We’ll try to stay as topical as possible and also hit a few non resort specific things in the process.  I’ll start with our trip there.  We bounced through 2 airports to get to Mobay.  CLT sucks as an airport, It is difficult to navigate, poor food options inside the security gates, and the people in the airport both ways were VERY rude.  Our Air Ja-maybe(Jamaica) flight was delayed 2 hours and landed us in Montego Bay around 7 PM or a bit later.  The airport was dead.  Our trip to Hedo on the bus occurred mostly in the dark.  My recommendation and intention for future trips would be to get a room in Mobay for the first night if you are going to arrive in the evening.  We were just too tired to avail ourselves of the wonder that is Hedo.

Checkin, Room and Grounds
Once we were at Hedo and up in the morning we were in Hedo Heaven.  The room they assigned us (2143) was in H-block just as I asked and a perfect room.  Check in was fast, the AC rocked, and we had Hot water on demand.  We just had to figure out how to work the shower controls.  I imagine this is a major chore when one is inebriated.  Our room was spotless (freshly painted) and the housekeeping kept it so.  The grounds were beautiful and the frogs were singing like the Hedo Tabernacle Choir.

Food and Drink
The food at the dining room was actually better than I remember from the past.  I would give it 3 stars.  My only issue with the main dining room is that I recall there being more local cuisine available at dinner and I missed it.  Musical and entertainment volumes were not at all too load during dinner.   The dining room fans spin fine but don’t make a big difference to me just a slight breeze.  Hot hot hot or not it didn’t seem so bad heat wise as to be uncomfortable at mealtimes.  Charlie is still the omelet master.   Munasan was very good (3.5 stars), and Pastafari (Martino’s) was actually for it high level of elegance a slight disappointment (3 stars).  The nude grill absolutely rocked (4.5 stars).  They presence of jerk chicken made it phenomenal.  The beef and chicken Patties were always top notch.  I think I ate half of Idaho worth of fries.  I cheated this trip and brought my own small bottle of Heinz ketchup.

First the bad.  The schedule was a mess.  I got up one morning and checked the chalkboard (most up to date?) and throughout the day nothing on the board happened.  It was either no activity or some new unmentioned activity.  The Wet-T-Shirt (HedoMary won first place) contest occurred a day early.  Lucky for HedoMary and for Hedo the EC’s came down to the pool to let us know just as Mary and I were about to leave.  Now over all the activities were loads of fun and EC’s made it clear cameras should not be out during the contests.  The lunch time spins were energetic and a bit louder than dinner entertainment but still not bad at all.  If you want to carry on a conversation just sit up towards the back and you will be just fine.  The EC’s were present at the nude pool every day for a couple hours and either played some fun games with everyone, or fought with the sound system, or just sort of socialized with all the guests to see that we were having fun.  HedoMary and I really love those guys.

Other Activities
We tried a couple’s massage and while it felt great while it was happening and I still look back on it fondly, HedoMary paid dearly for hers.  She ended up with bruising on and between her ribs that made breathing difficult for the rest of the trip.  We did try the snorkeling trip  and I wish we had taken several more early in the stay.  I had a digital video/still camera and I used it the entire snorkeling excursion.  It was a beautiful spot to go.  We took several walks down the beach and loved it.  There is a “local’s” stand almost all the way to the trees where you have to go out into the water to walk past the trees.  It is just past the Negril Beach House.  These guys are true artists with their driftwood carvings and charge VERY reasonable prices.  They are also more than happy to sit down and talk to you all about island history like the Maroons, Nani, and Germantown.  There is something neat about getting a Jamaica history lesson while sitting on the beach with a true Rastafarian while he smokes some Ganja.

Random Resort Things
The Hedo Store – OK most of the “pharmacy and toiletry” stuff is kind of expensive but no more so than buying at a gas station or convenience stores back home so don’t be afraid to pick up this stuff there.  Souvenirs are a bit on the high side but they have a clearance section for carvings etc that will get you what you need at FAR FAR lower prices than anywhere on the resort or down the beach.  The biggest surprise was that I could get diet Coke, coke zero, etc for just a dollar for a plastic bottle (approx. 20 oz).  This is cheaper than back home.  Pepsi products and Ting were only $1.25.

Computer use in the lab - This ran $5 for 15 minutes.  Given how little time we needed on our laptop we decided rather than wireless in our room ($15/day) to just use the lab when we need on.
Long Distance to State side – Just leave a credit card imprint and the charge is $2 the first minute and $89/min after.  The thing is we did about 7 calls and 20 minutes and our total charge at the end was $8.89 total.  Go Figure.

Painted rocks – Be sure to hit up “The Original” Winston on the beach to get your own leave behind or take home piece of rock art.

Conchs and shells – Just across the fence on the Sandal side of Hedo you will find “Little Shell Boy Mr. Cool.”  He has a great selection and will bargain for a good price.  If there is something in particular you seek he will find it for you.  He never hard selled us and once we told him our departure date he never mentioned buying until our last day and then politely so.  He did however inquire after HedoMary when I would go by without her.

I have to say that the new friends that I met this trip are the greatest ever.  I would say that my Hedo friends could kick you Hedo Friends but.  I am going to try to remember every one’s names but I don’t have there necklace’s so I could be confused,  Thomas and Jody (love you guys believe me I do), Don and Donna (My homies), Chris and Maggie! (flip the bird at ya girl), Stephan (Germany’s in the HOUSE), Rob (you know it), Matt and Michelle (my other Homies), and skinny rogers (you don’t know I am talking about you but I gave you this nickname).

Sean and Mary


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