Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Honduras protects sharks in all its waters

Endangered sharks are finding more sanctuaries. Honduras has announced that commercial shark fishing will be banned from its 92,665 square miles (240,000 square kilometers) of national waters. Honduras says the ban, which follows a moratorium on shark fishing, will bring in tourism revenue and preserve the marine environment. 

Around the world, shark populations have been decimated by overfishing. In fact some shark populations have fallen by over 90% in the past few decades.  A recent study in the Pacific nation of Palau found that a single reef shark is worth an estimated $1.9 million in tourism revenue over its life span. Killed for consumption the shark is worth $108. Therefore the shark is worth 17,000 times more alive than dead, not including other ecosystem services beyond tourism.

 Honduras President Lobo Sosa signed the legislation on Roatan Island.

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