Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Rooster in Vegas - A sex club review

The Red Rooster, I've heard of it for years but have never gone there.  In a nutshell it's a swingers/sex club at 6405 Greyhound Lane in Las Vegas, NV.  It sits on the far east side of town and it's been in operation since 1982.  

One reviewer wrote, "Why spend hundreds of dollars bribing douchebag VIP hosts and currying favor with fickle tourist divas in the hopes of MAYBE scoring the proverbial happy ending?  The Red Rooster is a sure bet: people come here to party and to get laid, and don't bullshit about it.  It's a club without all the pretense and poseurs!  

Run by a genial middle-aged couple out of their sprawling private residence, the Red Rooster is just plain folks, drinking and dancing and getting frisky.  Definitely not a room full of Barbies and hardbodies... but on the plus side, you won't be judged, ridiculed or taken advantage of.  People are welcoming and friendly, and you can definitely get some here, if your standards aren't impossibly high."

The Red Rooster is a BYOB party pad that has a pool, hot tub, private rooms and a dance floor.   It accepts "donations" only and for couples it's usually $30 bucks to attend.  For single dudes it's either $40 or $50 (higher on the weekends) and for single ladies just $10 and on Sunday nights, you get in free. 

      Other perks
  • Couples Only Area
  • Pool Table
  • Big screen TV's
  • A resident DJ Thursday to Saturday
 It seems lots of couples go not necessarily to swing but to just people watch and be naughty for one night while in Vegas.   People have noted the house itself is older but it's all part of the sexy charm.  Also, across the street happens to be a liquor store, bonus!

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  1. A group of 8 of us went to this club for the first time, what a shit hole!!! The club its self could be fun if it wasnt for the single men that are sooooooo offensive, they grab and never ask permision. As soon as anyone started any contact at all a mob of 20 single men run up and several started to grab and touch - it was a heart beat away from turning into a fight. All 8 of us left and will NEVER go back. We have been to clubs all over and this is horrible.

    1. Is there somewhere in Vegas you would recommend instead?


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