Monday, June 13, 2011

Guests are shocked to see a man climbing hotel!

Two men (age 26 and 31) scaled the outside walls of an upscale boutique hotel in Bend, Oregon.   A couple sleeping in a 4th story room at 'The Oxford' got a big shock when one of the men got into their room.   The hotel guest yelled and Spiderman-wannabe went right back out the terrace.  The hotel concierge was called who in turn got the police out to the hotel in a matter of minutes.

(the 59 room Oxford in Bend)

It just goes to show you that even at a hotel, even if you're up off the ground, you need to lock your sliding balcony.   Luckily in this case, the two men were caught and police later said think they were just drunk and seeing what they could steal.

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