Saturday, June 18, 2011

Atlantic City is being promoted as the new sensual destination

Las Vegas = Sin City.  Atlantic City = Beauty pageants?  Family-friendly attractions?

Atlantic City is looking to change it's travel reputation.  Gone are the days of fun beaches, a few casinos, the televised beauty pageants and more.  Welcome in resorts where servers dress in scanty outfits, the black jack dealers are in lingerie and beverage servers suit up in bustiers or fishnets.

(Atlantic City at night)

And now Atlantic City is host to 'The Diving Horse', a million-dollar steakhouse/gentlemen's club and soon a 'Naked Circus.'  "Three casinos have bikini beach bars on the sand.  Outside the gambling halls, there are a half-dozen strip clubs and a sex swingers/voyeurs club." says Wayne Parry who writes for The Courier-Post

(get your dinner with a dancer)

Yes, it sure seems Atlantic City is trying to catch up to Las Vegas, America's original Sin City.   Sex has always been a way for destinations to stand out in a market full of similar places, but will Atlantic City ever catch up to the legend that is Vegas?   The reports have New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declining to comment.  What do you think?

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