Monday, May 9, 2011

Jamaican police get jet skis to battle drug dealers

Police in St. Ann, Jamaica have gotten a few new shiny jet skis to patrol the waters for the infamous drug dealers who also cruise the shoreline.  If you've ever been to Jamaican chances are you've heard a "pssst mon" as you walked by a man on a jet ski looking to sell you anything from ganja to hard stuff like X and/or crack.

(AH HA!  I took this photo myself in Negril in 2009)

In Negril the boat dealers are pretty unrelenting and it'd be nice to see a few less of them cruising the resorts looking for deals.   I've never bought from them and usually just nod my head but keep walking.   Now police have these two new jet skis thanks to 'Urban Development Corporation' a group out of Jamaican aimed at keeping the island safe.

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