Thursday, May 5, 2011

A hotel line in Hawaii gives 15% off if you show your birth certificate

Hawaii's Aqua Hotels & Resorts is offering a sweet discount if you're willing to show them your birth certificate at check in.   If you stay with them now till President Obama's birthday, August 4th, you'll get a 15% instant savings by showing that long form (or certificate of live birth).  Last week, President Obama asked that the "sideshows and carnival barkers" stop raising the issue.  But at least you can still profit from all the "silliness."

(Hawaii's only employee owned company)

All of Aqua's Hawaii properties except the Hotel Lanai, are honoring the deal based-on-availability and it must be booked in advance.  Check them out at:  You can book rooms as low as $70 depending on the day of the week and resort you book.


  1. I love when companies use current events to give discounts, you can always find a humorous twist.

  2. I know right, I found it rather cleaver.


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