Monday, May 16, 2011

A Holland America cruise ship strikes ice in Alaska

Holland America's 1,916-passenger ship 'Westerdam' hit ice in Alaska causing hull damage below the waterline this week.  Titanic anyone?   The incident happened on Tuesday the 10th of May in Alaska's Yakutat Bay.  High winds were the cause of the accident but the good news was the hull just got dented up and was NOT damaged to the point where water could penetrate it.

(The Westerdam in Alaska on a better day)

The ship continued on it's way not missing a beat and met up with the Coast Guard on Wednesday in Sitka, Alaska.  The Coast Guard said the damage to the ship is approximately 15 feet below the waterline.  Both the agency and Holland America say there were no injuries during the incident and no release of oil or other pollutants.


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