Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vegas now has a 'naked pool' at the Artisan Hotel Boutique

But don't get too excited, it's not a fully nude hotel pool.  At this now re-named pool at the Artisan ladies can go topless but that'll be the extent at this 'naked' pool.   Cons?  This pool party is just off the Strip, Google Map, and not as big or glamorous as other adult pools of the well-known resorts. So don't expect celeb-packed, ultra-chic surroundings.  Pros?  Women often get in free and the average entrance fee for out-of-town males is $10, a much cheaper price than the other pool parties.

(not yet naked at The Naked pool)

"It's about having a great place to chill for the day, have some drinks, enjoy great music, and escape from reality. No long lines and thousands of people."  Michael Crandall, director of business affairs for The Siegel Group.

 The 'naked' pool is open 10 to 6 daily.  Naked's events include "Beer Goggle Monday" and "Wasted Wednesday."   I'm not sure if those themes fit in with Michale's "chill for the day" speech, but it sounds good to me.

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