Monday, April 25, 2011

Hotels are starting to install less and less tubs

Did you know that just 10 years ago Holiday Inn's would install a tub in about 95% of their new rooms?  These days it down to 55% of their new bathrooms get a tub in lieu of more fancy showers.  The thought has now changed to thinking that business travelers are less likely to lounge in a tub.

(CitizenM Hotel futuristic showers)

Which hotels are getting cool showers?  Lots of hotels are now starting to have glass walls between the shower and guest room like The Andaz in San Diego, some W Properties and The Standard in Los Angeles.   Is that too daring for you?  Other chains like Wyndham Gettysburg in Pennsylvania have 43 foot showers with 5 shower heads blasting you from every conceivable angle.   Or check out the photo above from a CitizenM Hotel room.  It's a glass tube that frosts over once you shut the door, otherwise it's clear.

 Either way, showers seem to be in while baths seems to be going out...

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