Monday, April 18, 2011

Cappadocia Cave Hotel in Turkey

Have you always dreamed about staying in a cave when you travel?  Yeah, me either.  But this place is pretty cool.   Cappadocia Cave Hotel in Turkey Google Map is Goreme's #1 hotel according to the reviews over at  

And for the prices of $300 to $700 (US prices) you can go to this mountain side hotel and stay in a cave overnight.   Cappadocia Cave Hotel is a quaint 13 room hotel that offered such non-cave like features like free high-speed WiFi internet, free parking and an on-site restaurant.   They also serve a free daily breakfast from 8 a.m. until noon on the terrace of the restaurant.

As LeslieBZ over at TripAdvisor writes about Cappadocia Cave Hotel, "Wow.  Our suite was beautiful and spacious with a fabulous bathroom. Cave-like space with all modern conveniences (cable TV, WiFi, whirlpool bath).  Windows overlooked the Goreme valley; each morning we woke up to the magical site of hot air balloons dotting the sky.  Hotel service and personnel were excellent.  On premises restaurant serves a great buffet breakfast, and you can dine on the terrace with superb vistas.  This hotel is constructed a bit like a three-dimensional maze; one has to go up steps, down steps, under things, across, to get to one's room.  No elevator, so this is not the place for people with walking issues."

Caravansarai Cave Hotel is a former caravan inn, carefully renovated and turned into a cozy hotel.  The hotel offers a variety of charming guest rooms, ranging from standard rooms to cave rooms and stone arch rooms, full of character, perfect for a romantic escapade in Turkey.  And the owner has a long experience in the hotel business and speaks excellent English.  

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  1. We were collected next morning to drive to cappadocia for our tour. This again was wonderful though our guide talked too much at times, giving us too much information and not enough time to wander on our own. We had a bit of fun when a Greek guest disagreed with the guide on some points. I don't think the guide appreciated my friend and I not paying attention!! I will say that Cappadocia is not somewhere i'd like to spend much time. Very shabby with a pack of mangy dogs running around. I found that quite upsetting. The hotel, cave hotel, was again adequate with lovely helpful staff. Very clean but an extra blanket or sheet would have been nice as well as a bedside light. At least the fridge was big enough for our Gin and Tonic !! The undergrand city trip was also interesting (apart from the guide talking too much), though we were not impressed with the "Cappadocia"... Japanese tourists seemed to like it. But we felt the Turkish tourist board should spend a bit more on something more appropriate. Our memories of the trip will be the excellent organisation and lovely, friendly, helpful staff. Thank you all so much. Love Istanbul......"


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