Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super hot deal - I-pad like Archos 5 1/2 price today...

This is a one day deal from Amazon on a 500 gig Archos 5 that has Android.  What the hell is that?  Well, the short answer is that it's a I-Pad like device.   If you hit up the site tomorrow, this bad boy WILL be back to $499 like it is every other day but today it's priced at $239.99 for some reason, 52% off the regular price.

(the biggest I-Pad is only 64 gig, this thing is far bigger at 500 gig)

Fine, it's a good price.  But what can I do with it?   Well, you can load it up with 148,000 songs and jam like it's an I-Pod.  You can load it up with a ton of photos while on vacation (or at home) and view them on it's nice 5 inch color touchscreen.  You can surf the net via WiFi or hook it up to your phone's net via bluetooth.  Either way,  you'll enjoy the web in full width thanks to the 800 pixel wide screen, with no need to zoom in or out.

You can also click the screen 3 times and be watching 1,000 web TV shows or 10,000 web radio programs.  It also has GPS so you can use it in your travels to keep you heading in the right direction.   It has a ton of other features, just check them out at:  Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet with Android.

Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet with Android

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