Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bacardi Select - another rum review!

Being the amateur rum aficionado that I am I decided to try out a rum that's popular on the market but one that I've never tried, Bacardi Select.  I guess I've always wanted more of a "authentic" rum such as Appleton that comes straight from Jamaica or 10 Cane that's made fresh from sugar (not molasses) out of Trinidad.   But the guy at the market was singing the praises of Bacardi Select so much, that he decided to go buy a bottle, even tho he hadn't planned on making a rum purchase. 

So I got this dark bottle of Bacardi Select on my top shelf and I plan on breaking it out this weekend.  There's nothing like a Friday night drink of rum to let you know the weekend is officially here.  Oh, and before I forget, try mixing your favorite rum with "Mexican Coke", they sell this Coke here in LA and it's straight from south of the border.  It's got real sugar compared to all the American sweeteners so it makes for one tasty rum and Coke, my signature drink.

(my top shelf, note the 2/3 empty bottle of absinthe)

The company was founded in 1862 in Cuba by brothers Facundo & Jose Bacardi.  Later the production left for for Bermuda and Puerto Rico after Castro starting giving the brothers too much trouble with with his revolution change.

Most reviews of Bacardi Select read well.  It's a black Puerto Rican made rum, Google Map, that's made with fermented molasses that's aged up to 4 years.  It comes out as a 40% (80 proof) dark blend that's great either straight up on the rocks or mixed with your favorite blend.  Most reviews give it a pretty decent rating complimenting it's spicy flavor.  Even Hemingway used to order his drinks with white label Bacardi as noted in his famous book, "The old man and the Sea."

   Since writing this post I did break out the Bacardi and now I kinda see why it's just some club famous rum.  It's not bad but more suited for the young crowed that knows nothing better about rum.  At first taste, Bacardi Select is too sweet for me – more like a overly-sweet rum that you wouldn't drink unless you knew better.  Beneath the sweetness is a hint of bananas, along with other varied over-ripe fruits and berries.  It's not a bad little bottle but I'll stick to my other favorite brands, more mature brands and I'll leave this label for the kids just starting out.

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