Sunday, January 16, 2011

President Obama loosens Cuban travel policy...

On Friday, January 14th 2011, President Obama announced a plan to loosen travel restrictions for students and church groups to go to the communist country of Cuba.  The students must be going to seek out academic credits and the church groups can head to Cuba for for religious purposes, however you might define that.
As a byproduct of Obama's announchemtn will allow American's to send up to $500 to any Cuban citizen who's NOT part of the Castro administration or a member of the Communist Party.   So you single guys can now go here,, and blow money on a women who's probably not even real.  :-D
(a young woman reads in Santiago de Cuba)
 And right now only 3 airports in the US can charter flights to Cuba:  Los Angeles, New York and Miami.  Soon this will also change allowing any international airport with proper customs and immigration facilities so long as the customer is booked with that aiport by a licensed travel agent.
Are these changes going over well?  Some like them, others don't - like anything else in life.

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