Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pirates are cool 'cept when they're after YOU!

Last week the 348-passenger Spirit of Adventure cruise ship was threatened by real life pirates in the Indian Ocean.  But not to worry!  The ship attacked first using a device called a LRAD which is a sonic weapon.  Word also has it that the ship also deployed tangle cables into the water that tangle in the pirates propellers.

Check out a live demo of a LRAD weapon in action on the streets...

The LRAD can cause permanent ear damage at 300 feet after it belts out a HUGE boom causing the pirates to think twice about chasing down the cruise ship.  The pirates tried to gain access for nearly an hour and all passengers were ordered below deck for their safety, but thank goodness nothing happened.

Will pirate threats deter YOU from cruising in that part of the world?

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  1. No pirates won't deter me. It's cruise ships, and the people that vacation on them, that deter me. Laugh.


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