Thursday, December 16, 2010

Using a Paypal Debit card in your travels...

One big concern as you travel around is your money and access to it.   When you're chilling in the states a lot of people use a PayPal account to pay for things online (like e-bay) to create a sort of "firewall" between your real bank account/credit card information and the person you're giving money to.  Well, PayPal also has a debit card that dubs as a MasterCard too,  Paypal Debit Card Info.  

(learn more here, FAQ's)

This card offers you the same type of protection as you might get back home while shopping online.  You pay with your PayPal card and it gives you instant access to your money that you have in your PayPal account.  Otherwise you have a 2-5 day stall on sucking your money out.  Plus, you can link this MasterCard to a bank account and if you run out of your PayPal "funny money" it can simply take from the bank account provided. 

According to PayPal...
  • It can be used worldwide at ATMs, online, or anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Earn 1% cash back whenever you sign for a purchase.
  • Enjoy 100% protection against unauthorized charges to your card
Just make sure to use it as a credit card, don't use your pin, for the good benefits.

And with the MasterCard logo on there it may provide some travel benefits too.   Click here to read about that, PayPal Mastercard Perks.   So do you use a PayPal card in YOUR travels?  If so, please comment with your experiences.

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