Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prostitutes at Hedo II in Jamaica

Word has it over at Denny P's message boards that "ladies of the night" are working harder and harder over at Hedo II lately.  They are hitting you up in the dinning room, on the beach, near the pool and even when your wife turns her back for a second!    Once they hit you the prices seem to range from $800 US per hour (anything goes) all the way down to $50 bucks for just some quick, light action.  $800?!?  Insane!

 These ladies are buying their way into the resort using "night passes" ($50 for ladies and $75 for men, and you can hang at Hedo from 7pm to 3am) that anyone can purchase but once in, they're on the prowel.  This is nothing new, Hedo's had these ladies working the guests for as long as most can remember and for the most part, it's not a big deal.  You can generally spot them out as they stand out, they just have a different look even among all the scantily dressed Hedo guests.

BONUS LINK to night passes:  Night Passes

(a few ladies find more affordable fun at Hedo II's bar)

Now Hedo II does have it's fair share of single males coming to the resort looking to "hook up" and IMHO, fine, just play safe with your sex.  A lot of ladies go to Jamaica looking for "Rent-a-dreads", Rent-a-dread in Jamaica Post, so it's fair play.   If you don't want to be bothered, just do what one Denny P member does:  "When the hookers even look my way, I immediately tell them that I charge $100 for half an hour."


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