Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A new and unusual hotel

Here's a new hotel that opened in the UK called the Appleton Water Tower, Official Site.  It's a Victorian tower that was built in 1877 and rises some 90 feet over the landscape.   Priced around £569 euro ($758 US) for 3 nights it's not a bad cost to stay in such a cool building.   

The water towers were build to hold water (duh) and inside the towers there were many fireplaces to keep the water from freezing in the cold winter months.   There's a swank terrace at the top with views reaching as far as the walsh.   It sits high on a hilltop for gravity purposes as it used to supply clean pure water to the Sandringham estate.

The coolest feature is that when you book this hotel, you get the whole damn place!   That's right, the room is at the top with the terrace above you and the entire tower is yours to explore.  Plus there is plenty of fresh water.  :-)

Check out the Google Map satellite views of this place, way cool.  And keep tuning in for more wacky hotel destinations! 

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