Saturday, December 25, 2010

Negril, Jamaica has a shooting, at a resort!

Last Tuesday, December 21st 2010, 3 men stormed a Negril All-Inclusive (rumor has it that it was RIU) and demanded money from the lobby employee's manger who has a vault key.  When the employee told the robbers the manager wasn't there, they told him he "better run" then shot him in the back as he did just that.  


The good news?  The employee is reported to be alive and in recovery at a Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James.  He was initially taken to Savanna-la-Mar Hospital but transported due to his injures.  Nobody else was injured but hotel gusts did witness the event.

(The All-inclusive RIU Lobby)

The Press and Police in the area are being hush hush about which resort it was and I imagine they'd like to keep the story on the down-low to avoid hurting the tourists business.  But they better amp up security, it seems the violence isn't just kept to Kingston's "Trenchtown" anymore.

The Jamaica Observer recently put out Negril's most wanted:  Westmoreland's most wanted

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  1. It's official now, it was at RIU Hotel in Negril. I hope they catch the shooter!


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