Saturday, December 18, 2010

LAX in Los Angeles has got it right!

I live in Los Angeles and the other night I went to our famed LAX airport to pick up a buddy from New York.  I had heard about the "LAX TSA Choir" a group of 17 holiday inspired TSA scanner employees that wear hats and belt out holiday songs as they give you the infamous pat-downs. 

(The LAX TSA Choir)
* Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

These guys have been going at it since 2003 when they decided to show a little love and Christmas spirit as they do their job.   Ernie Perez, a security supervisor and tenor said, "We've been taking a lot of heat for what we do", referring to body scanners and aggressive pat-downs of travelers. "We just put a new face on TSA — I think a positive face."
I enjoyed these guy's singing a few songs, I think I heard then doing Ray Charles "That's the spirit of Christmas" and it made my run to LAX a better experience.  And to my NY buddy, I saved you $30 bucks man, Merry Christmas!  :-)

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