Friday, November 12, 2010

Carnival Splendor customers happy to get off the stinking ship!

Oh the lovely Carnival Cruise ship Splendor.  Ordinarily, it's a 697 million dollar, 13 deck, 3,006 passenger fun boat that's been zipping around the sea's for two years now.   This past week however, it's been a 113k ton stink bomb being towed back to port after a fire knocked out the ships electricity.  

Yesterday, it made it back to San Diego after a SLOW 4 day tug back into port.  Two tugboats were dispatched to the coast of Mexico where the ship was stuck and at the zippy pace of 6 mph (converted to mph for you land-lovers, 5.21 knots).    For days the pool and casino were shut down.  Hot food and drinks became a thing of the past.  Open windows and nap decks became your new AC and the worst part?  Toilets across the ship were becoming a stinky problem.

My only question is:  What concessions will the passengers on the ship get from Carnival? 


  1. I guess they are not suing, they are chewing instead, burgers! Link to story...

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