Sunday, September 5, 2010

A massage with "Claudia" near Desire in Cancun, Mexico

So some couples that have been to Desire Resort in Mexico RANT and RAVE about Claudia, a massage therapist located about 20 mins south of the resort.  Now Desire Resort offers "sensual couples massage" but as a few people have put it, that's like a 7 out of 10 and Claudia is a 11 out of 10!   Plus she's less money!   Desire charges $268 for a 60 minute couples massage.  Desire Spa menu.   Claudia is $180 and it's 2 hours, not just one.

So who is this Claudia?  What happens with her?  Why are the couples so ecstatic about her upon coming back?   I'm set to find out.

Apparently, her name is Claudia Gabuccio and she specializes in couples sensual massage instruction therapy.   After starting out as a massage therapist Caribbean Reef Club Hotel she moved to Texas for 3 years where she kept studying and practicing the art of couples sensual massage.   In 2003 she came back to Mexico, Puerto Morelos and opened up her very own studio.   Today she's still pleasing and teaching couples the art of massage.

(Desire in Cancun)

 Once you get there Claudia will be with you for 2 hours.  One hour where she teaches (and helps) the man to massage his wife then the next hour where she teaches (and helps) the wifey how to massage the man!  The charge is $180 American dollars for her time and EVERY couple I've read about seem to think that's the bargain of a lifetime.   I've also heard that Claudia gives the sensual massage and during the last moments of the massage, invites the spouse or partner to participate, teaching them her sensual techniques.

(the infamous Claudia)

 She has a Facebook page,   Her address is in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  According to her a taxi driver from Desires knows to charge around $10 to $15 (this includes the tip) American bucks to go from the resort to her place, one way.  She only works with 2 couples per day and likes to be booked at 10am and then again at 1pm, Monday to Saturday.  (gotta have one day of rest)

 To reach Claudia e-mail her @ or call her @ (998)206-34-86

Quotes by past customers 
"Words cannot explain what Claudia can do!!" 

"Amy & I still look at each other in awe in regards to what happened to us when we saw her"

"We both left her house shaking but wanting to get hold of each other sexually" 

"Claudia is a very classy woman who has magic hands" 

"Yes, Claudia is 180 US CASH. She's so good people give her at least $200" 

"Best thing is she incorporates your partner into the massage so at times you feel four hands on you at once. I'll leave it at that..."  


  1. Claudia herself got in touch with me, in touch! An accidental pun. :-) She's a very nice woman.

    Feel free to give a "shout out" here Claudia.



  2. Just 'cause it's a pet peeve of mine, the resort is "Desire". NOT "Desires". Oh, and your Desire pic is several years old, even as an aerial shot the resort looks nothing like that anymore. That being said, Claudia ROCKS!!!!

  3. Well, send me a new photo and I'll put it up!

  4. If you want a great massage she your lady. After a session with her my wife and I havent been able to keep our hands off each other.

    Thanks Claudia

  5. Hi guys this is Claudia!!! Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments!!! It has been my pleasure to meet all of you and work you too. You are always more than welcome to come back any time you want. You know you will always have a friend here in cancun.
    I want to give you guys my new e-mail adress !! PLEASE the other one doesn't work any more. The new one is and my web site is
    Send you all a huge hug and kiss with all my love. God bless you guys !!! Claudia.

    Claudia Gabuccio Terrazas
    cel 9981-22-62-23 ( WORK )

  6. should is there a happy ending here


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