Thursday, September 16, 2010

How much does it cost to get on the 'net on a cruise ship?

Are you out in the middle of the ocean yet want to tell your landlocked buddies on Facebook what you're up to?  Well, on most ships these days you can!  On a recent Queen Mary II cruise some guests noticed WiFi costs on the ship read as follows...

That's very very costly but once you understand the technology behind it you may see where they're coming from.  These ships have to install special ship-to-shore voice and data satellite communications services and systems.  Trust us, that's not cheap.

Currently, WiFi is offered on all Carnival, Holland American, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Princess ships. It’s usually not ship-wide however, so you’ll have to head to the atrium or specially designated public rooms to get a signal.

So how much is too much to pay for WiFi out in the middle of the ocean?  Have you ever paid?  If so, how much?

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