Friday, July 9, 2010

Rent-a-Rasta - a closer look at Jamaica's sex trade

I called this post "rent-a-rasta" when others might call it "rent-a-dread".  Quick tip:  The term "dreads" is not the best term at all.  It stems from the days when slave owners used to call the hair of black slaves "dreadful".  Just call them locks. 
Moving on... 

Rent-a-Rasta is a common practice in Jamaica.  Each year up to 30,000 women flock to Jamaica seeking sex in exchange for money from the islands locals.  Since it's Jamaican men being exposed more then women does this practice get overlooked more?

One side of me says, to each their own.  If the men like doing it and the women enjoy it too, then who cares?  But on the other side of the coin, should people allow themselves to just be viewed as sex objects and not the intelligent people that they area?

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  1. Ass, grass or cash, nobody rides for free in Jamaica! Having met dozens of people in the sex industry it's really entertaining listening to their stories about tourist...


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