Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who is Christopher Dudus Coke?

The citizens of Kingston have been protecting Christopher Dudus Coke.  Why?  Who is this man?

The quick answer?  Christopher Dudus Coke is a drug dealer in Jamaica who also is seen as a Robin Hood of his local community.  He provides for the citizens when they don't always have any one else to depend on.  Meals, medical treatment, schooling - he's done it all.

Dudus was born in 1969 the son of a Father who ran the same notorious Jamaica gang "The Shower Posse".  Named that way for the rain of bullets that the gang will drop down on anyone that might stand in their way.  The elder Dudus was burned alive in prison awaiting trial.  The Shower Posse runs a huge chain of drug exports and with the money they get they buy weapons to endorse their ways.

(the community rallies behind Mr. Coke)

 The Jamaican goverment recenetly decided to allow Mr. Coke to be extradited to the US due to President Obama's push to make Jamaica prove they are serious about stopping the drug trade.  Alto Coke's posse has close ties to Jamaica's Labour Party they've decided to round up Dudus and ship him off to America.

This is where the problem began.  The community wants their caretaker and has put up one hell of a fight to keep him.  As of May 26th, 2010 reports have as high as 60 deaths in this struggle.  Baracades, fireboming the police stations by the Shower Posse and more have caused chaos in Kingston's Tivoli Gardens neighborhood.  

(courteous of

As a lover of the island I hope this wraps up quickly for everyone involved.  It should also be noted that other parts of the island are JUST FINE.  I spoke to a friend out of Negril and things over there are completely peaceful.  So don't let this pocket of trouble in Kingston totally change your mind about visiting the island. 

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