Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old findings in the waters of Negril!

Off the blue waters of Bloody Bay in Negril come these photos of some old old shipping artifacts.

(a way cool and way old ship anchor)

These have been reportedly been in the waters since at LEAST 1960's when people from that time spoke about them.  How long have they really been in the waters?   1600's?   1700's?   1800's?

(a way old ship canyon)

The Western edge of Jamaica has seen it's shipping and pirate days.   This is where the UK government tracked down Calico Jack Rackham and hung him in Kingston shortly there after.   In 1814 fifty warships and 6,600 men sailed from Negril to tackle the American rebels and were trounced in the Battle of New Orleans.

(one more look at the anchor - click on any 3 pics to enlarge them)

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