Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jamaican artwork

Jamaica produces some amazing artwork that I encourage you to take home to remind you of your fantastic trip to the island.  In turn, you're helping a local talented artist to support himself and/or his family.   I have several wood pieces, a painting and knickknacks that I take back with me over the years and I always feel good looking at them back here in the US.

Lili Bernard's, Ms Bernard, tribute to her family who were sold in Jamaica as slaves

Stefan Spath, Mr. Spath, is a German born man but lives in Jamaica

 Bernard Stanley Hoys, Mr. Hoyes, is a Jamaican born artist

Roy Reid, Mr. Reid, was also a Jamaican born artist who passed on in 2009

Elpedio Robinson, Mr. Robinson, is a Jamaican painter who reflects on childhood

And there are MANY MANY talented artist in Jamaica that are not known wide-scale.   Next time you're there I know you'll see local vendors selling their goods.  Take the time to say hello and admire the work they do that can set a festive Caribbean tone in your home.

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