Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 super sexy hotels - get your grove on!

1.  Hotel Victor, Miami Beach
 This hot spot hotel in Miami Beach has a VERY risque co-ed and clothing optional steam room on premise.  Talk about daring.  Owned by hip hotel owner André Balazs (Look up my Standard Hotel post) you'll be sure to enjoy a trendy hotel experience.  Ideal for the adventurous and/or exhibitionist couples with South Beach–ready bods.  There are 91 rooms that all offer panoramic views of the ocean. Price to stay?  From $267 a night.

Visit them at:  Hotel


2.  Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, Arizona
This hotel has got to have some of the sexiest hot tubs in America.  These high-style bathtubs peek into the bedrooms so it's best to book these rooms with that special someone.  What's sexier and more intimate than an sexy hot-tub just steps from a plush king-size bed?  The "executive suites" have huge champagne glass shaped baths big enough for a private party!  This downtown Scottsdale hotel opened up in 1956 but underwent way cool renovations in 2005.   Price to stay?  From $350 a night.

UPDATE!  According to Valley Ho rates can be as cheap as $99 a night!  It's even sexier when you save money!   (see comments for details)

Visit them at:  Hotel


3.  Night Hotel, New York City
This modern and black & white boutique hotel features very little light, making this the perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous with a significant other.  The guest rooms are cozy and come complete with a copy of the Kama Sutra in the nightstand.  Even the walls are covered with erotic art.  Are you in sexy Gotham or NYC, book a room and you tell us!  Price to stay?  From $229 a night, NOT BAD!

  Visit them at: Hotel 


  1. I represent the Valley Ho and would like to let you know that our rates actually start at $99! That is during the summer, but even in March, we have rates as low as $199.

  2. Well thank you Mr. or Ms. Anonymous! There you go folks, now you have even more reason to visit Vally Ho!


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