Monday, February 8, 2010

Skinny dipping in SoCal - Black's Beach review...

In Southern California?   Feeling brave?   Then visit legendary Black's Beach in the La Jolla area of San Diego.  The price is right - free.  Speaking of free, be free of your textiles too. 

This beach lies 300 feet below Torrey Pines bluffs that you will need to wander down to enjoy this sweet little spot.  Nudity is "tolerated" in the State owned section of Black's Beach which is the Northern section.   So you'll see the "au natural" crowd in this 1.1 mile long section of the beach.

(despite what the sign says)  :-D

What type of people are you going to find?  All types.  Men, women, couples, younger, older and all sorts of ethnicity.  One common bond?  Sun on your buns.  This is not a commercial beach, pack everything you'll need (leave that camera behind) and plan to take away your garbage.  

The southern portion of Black's Beach is known to surfers as one of the most powerful surf breaks in Southern California.  So do as this guy did and take on nature in your birthday suit.  It's an interesting mix, surfers and nudist but they coexist in harmony on this sunny stretch of beach.


Parking for Blacks Beach is dependent on which method you take to the beach. If you drive using these directions Blacks's you will arrive at a dirt parking lot which offers free parking near the entrance to the dirt walking trail, which will take you down to the break at Blacks Beach.


So despite the unusual aspects of Black's Beach it's a beautiful beach irregardless.   When the ocean and land connect people have always seemed to flock to the shore.  Ever notice how most of the US's big cities are along water?   Part of that was for transportation purposes the other for the pure joy of a beach.

Is it hard to get naked on a beach?  Maybe for some.  Guys always seem to have less qualms about it, but a lot of people get over it once they strip down.  Peeling away those layers of clothing seems to take everyone to a neutral place where we're all equal.

So if you're ever in SoCal, check out Black's Beach for an adventure I'm sure you'll never forget!


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