Thursday, January 21, 2010

A way cool carry on travel bag!

As quoted from Joe vs the Volcano:

Luggage Salesman: Have you thought much about luggage, Mr. Banks?
Joe Banks: No.
Luggage Salesman: It's the central preoccupation of my life.

When on the road people want to have their belongings protected and secure. And these day's I say it's best to keep those items in a carry on bag.


1. You don't have to have other hands on YOUR bag.
2. You won't lose it. (unless you have too many overpriced drinks on the plane)
3. With the trend of airlines charging more for luggage you can save some $.


The bag I plan on buying soon?   Piel Leather - Carry-on Duffel Bag with Pockets.   You can buy it online for around $140.   Travel in style for the weekend or short trips. I love the Columbian naked leather that looks great and feels even better to the touch.

Size: 20" x 11" x 10"
Weight: 4 pounds
Extras: Double handle with padded grip & small zip-pocket in flap.
Price: Around $140 to $180 online

Piel 20' Duffel Bag with Pockets for $155

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