Monday, January 18, 2010

Travel Tips - Free 'Net!

Marriott, Hilton and a few other big chains to give away free internet to guests - with conditions.

Pssst...Did you know that Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton and other full-service chain hotels that normally charge guests for internet access might give you free internet access this year?

That's because one of the big trends among corporate travel managers this year has been to include free internet in negotiated hotel rates, said DeAnne Dale, vice president of sales and account management for online business travel management firm Travelocity Business.

Paying for internet service at hotels where you're already paying more than the average guest is a major pet peeve for many business travelers - and a factor in why some travelers prefer to go to mid-priced chains that include internet access in the rate (like Marriott Courtyard, Hilton Garden Inn and Hyatt Place).

So when you book your room, make sure to ask for free internet and a discount, see which one you get. In this economy hotels are willing to offer their guests more incentives to stay at their hotels.

Travel safe!

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