Friday, January 22, 2010

Talk for "free" while out of country!

Looking for ways to communicate cheaper as you travel? I know I am.

Old solution? Make calls on your cell phone or hotel room line. And what happens when you find yourself out of country or in a roaming area with your cell phone plan? You either A. Don't make calls or B. Spend a TON of money to do so.

New way to do it? Magic Jack! Assuming you're in an area with internet access and you can get your road weary hands on a computer you're in business.

The Magic Jack is an extremely small USB telephone adapter that allows you to make unlimited local and long distance telephone calls through a regular phone for only $19.95 per year. In order to get the magic Jack you have to pay a one time fee of $40 to get the magic Jack USB adapter and one year of service. All subsequent years of service can be purchased for just $19.95 per year. At a price of around $1.60 per month magicJack is an amazing deal. It also includes free directory assistance, free caller ID, free call waiting, and free voicemail.

Enter in it's possible uses for travel!

1. International Travel - Got Internet access?? Then you've got a US phone number. Give one of these to someone that is going to be staying overseas for months, and you've enabled them to talk with their families back in the States for no additional costs.

2. International Friends and Family - Got a friend or relative in a foreign country? Give them a Magic Jack as a gift, and now you have a way for them to call you, or you to call them with no phone cards or high long-distance charges. They'll have whatever LOCAL area code you set the device up with. (I have one set for 213 here in Los Angeles)

Just imagine being able to plug this small device into a computer in Spain then dialing your friend back home and he'd think you're still at home! Don't forget, you take whatever area code with you with the device.

But some hotels may block your access for using Magic Jack. You may want to give them a call (free from your Magic Jack at home, of course!) and find this out before you make your reservations.

So click on this Magic Jack
and get going with your cheap talk right away!

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