Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 Travel Fashion Tips!

On every travelers list of priorities, just behind avoiding getting mugged, is the wish to look good as you travel. So tonight I wanted to share with you my top 5 suggestions for looking fashionable fresh off a plane.

1. Decent shoes - Your footwear is worth investing in. Leave the sneakers at home and opt for naturally comfy leather sandals instead. The right pair is goes as well with a breezy sundress as shorts (Hint: flat thongs in brown go with everything!)

2. A white shirt - It's a workwear staple and a great vacation partner. Wear it over a tank, knotted at the waist with shorts for sight-seeing style. Or roll up the sleeves, unbutton at the top, tuck into your fave jeans and add strappy sandals for easy chic.

3. Don't buy clothes at tourist shops - If you wonder why you get hassled to buy stuff all the time, take a look at what you’re wearing.

4. Jeans - Jeans were invented for travelers. They don’t need ironing, no thief can get his hand in the front pocket. Going to the tropics? Try a pair of cargo shorts with multiple pockets WITH zippers.

5. Ditch the iron - You may have a favorite outfit that you love to wear, but if it needs constant ironing, keep it in the suitcase or leave it at home. Lose the wrinkled I-slept-in-a-ditch-last-night look by shaking out your wet laundry before you hang them up. That way all the water goes to the bottom of the clothes and gravity helps pull it straight.

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