Saturday, February 26, 2011

American gives out frequent-flier miles on Facebook!

Do you like free $hit?  I think most people do and here's your chance to score at least 100 frequent-flier miles from American Airlines with a promotion they currently have going on Facebook.  All you gotta do is go here, AA's AAdvantage Facebook Page, and "like" them.  At that point you get to enter into a contest where you can score at least 100 frequent-flier mile.   They're also giving out a 10,000 frequent-flier mile award to a lucky winner.  

 I thought maybe this was a scam so I decided to check it out for myself and it works!   I wasn't  an American Airline AAdvantage member so I had to take a whole 2 minutes out of my life and register and then I tried again and got 100 miles.  Cool.  True 100 miles won't get me much, really nothing, but had I won more, I'd been set.  Read what you can buy with the miles here:  AA Redeem Miles.  Example:  1,000 miles can get you a rental car or hotel room.

 The carrier says its AAdvantage-specific Facebook and Twitter "channels are the first social media channels dedicated to earning miles with a U.S. airline loyalty program."  The contest runs till March 31st, 2011.

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