Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Sand Beach in Hawaii

 Located on the island of Maui is Red Sand Beach also known as Kaihalulu Beach, an unofficial nude beach.  Nude beaches are illegal in Hawaii but there are places where it takes place, much like Blacks Beach in San Diego.  Red San Beach isn't easy to get to which probably helps in it's nudity allowance.  It's surrounded by steep cliffs and a caved-in cinder cone.

Drive to the Hana Community Center on Ua Kea Road, next to several cabins which are part of the Hotel Hana Maui.  You will need to walk on private property to reach the beach.  You can park on the street nearby.  At the end of the path you'll find the Red Sand Beach.  Swimming and snorkeling are excellent. The water is calm and clear.

Read about a tale of sexual adventure at Red Sand Beach here:

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So who's been there?

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